The Story of a Song: Fly Eagle Fly

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The book is about James Rogers and his journey. It is a story about his life, how music…

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The book is about James Rogers and his journey. It is a story about his life, how music can bring the whole world together and offer peace in troubled times. The book discusses how James was shaped by his past, how he learned to develop his talent for music, and how it all tied together to that moment he saw the eagle flying. Most important of all, James talks about how the sight of the eagle and the danger of it going extinct, made him realize he could use his music to serve a greater cause. With a little help from friends, and a trusty old guitar, he managed to help preserve America’s national symbol.

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Book Endorsements

James Rogers is no less than a Chattanooga area treasure! This gifted entertainer, songwriter, singer has been performing literally all over the world since the 1970s. He has played the Grand old Opry  to Caesars palace and hundreds of places in between. James has worked with some of the biggest names in the business.    The book Fly Eagle Fly is a must read, in fact, I’ve read it twice. I’m proud to also use this forum to say that James Rogers is one of the most honorable men I have known. I agree with Dolly Parton when she says, “James Rogers is a world class entertainer” get the book and if you get a chance to catch his show, don’t let that opportunity go by.
-Ben Cagel

“So You Think You Know James Rogers”

James Rogers has had an incredible 50-year career, and I have known him for most of that time. “The Story of a Song” was a very pleasant surprise. I was expecting to re-live and re-love the stories I already knew. It turns out there was a lot I didn’t know, and I enjoyed every page. From James’ humble beginnings, to sharing a stage with the biggest names in the music business, he shares his remarkable life with us. He has every right to boast and brag, but instead he tells his stories as he has lived his life: with no ego, self-deprecating humor, and genuine gratitude. James is that rare person who has made a living doing what he loves, and that love shines through with every song, and in every chapter of this book. Whether you’re a longtime “JR” fan, or are just now getting on the bandwagon, this book will entertain you, and inspire you.
-David Carroll
WRCB-TV Chattanooga, TN

James Rogers does a wonderful job of describing how a product of small town USA lived his dream through his love of Faith, Family, Country, Music, Bass Fishing and entertaining others. He brings to life the challenges of following your dream and the support of special people in his life. “Story of A Song” (Fly Eagle Fly) brings to life the “American Dream”. Great reading and strongly recommended.
-Jim Frazier

When a person opens their heart to share experiences that changed their life, it changes ours too! That’s exactly what happened when James Rogers sang his song “Fly Eagle Fly” with over 1,000 students and teachers one afternoon in a crowded auditorium!
The children had practiced the song’s lyrics and melody for many weeks . Now they anxiously anticipated the James Roger’s concert because the song had a powerful personal meaning for our lives, our dreams and our future!
When James Rogers began playing his blue guitar and the eagles pictures flashed upon the screen an electrifying energy permeated the room! All of the voices sang as one!  The applause that followed and shouts of joy with chants of ” James Rogers” echoed throughout the auditorium! “I felt like I was at a Beatles concert!” said James. It was a day that will stay in our hearts forever!
This is just one of the special moments that James included in his book ” The Story Of A Song Fly Eagle Fly”. It led to many other opportunities that connected James to our community and our hearts for many many years. The most recent event was the Town of Marion presented James with a resolution for his lifelong friendship and support for our community and named June 18, 2022, as James Rogers Day in Marion, Virginia!
That one song and that one man has had an impact in our lives that is everlasting! This book ” The Story of a Song Fly Eagle Fly” will always stay in your mind and heart as it has in mine!
Your life will be better for reading this book filled with many inspirational personal experiences that exemplifies James Roger’s beliefs to follow your heart, believe in your dreams, be true to yourself, love for God, our country, and family, and to make a positive difference in our world!
It is said that the stories you read become part of your own life path and “The Story Of A Song Fly Eagle Fly” is the perfect story to have in your heart forever!
Sally Moorer
-Marion Primary School Teacher
American Eagle Foundation Board Member

I am an amateur singer. Singing is something still not seen as a stable career for many parents. So my parents wanted me to get a professional degree, but I did not want to give up on my dreams But after reading this book, I feel a new energy in my soul. I am willing to move forward with my goals.
-Matthew Davis

The book is genuinely reviving. It is not just about the author’s life. It is about all of us who are facing different challen
James Rogers has done a tremendous job bringing up people together through his music, and again through this book, he has touched many lives.
-Cindy Meyers

Going through this book is like having a pleasant walk barefooted along the seashore. You’ll see all faces of waves, but in the end, you’ll love it.
-Antoinette Williams
Life Coach

Fly Eagle Fly: The Story Of A Song is a very interesting and perceptive book that was well written and easy to read. What I loved about the writing was the way of really telling readers that regardless of the circumstances in life, you still be content because of the possibilities.
-Nigella Stevens
Billing Manager

The book is packed with many genuine examples of people suffering daily from life’s obstacles. It easily helps people connect with various backgrounds and journeys.
-Crystal Almeida
Operations Supervisor

Fly Eagle Fly is a book that just goes to show you no one is exempt from internal and external hardships. But the way we see life is all that matters, and music helps with it quite exponentially.
-Nick Francis
Content Manager

The common connection I found to enjoy life was the right resources, methods and spiritual focus. Without these things, everyone can improve their outlook for the better.
-Garry Rogers
Senior Designer

Everyone should read it! James Rogers beautifully presents his advice for young and, older people, especially troubled teenagers wanting a direction in life….it is easy to read and worth the time.
-Anna Hall
Fashion Designer

I read James Rogers’ book when I was pretty down last week and feeling like nothing was going to start working in my life. His story made me take my love for music once again.
-Rosemary Noble
College Student

I wish I remembered who recommended this book, but it helped!
-Milton Whitehall
IT Trainer

What a great book to read again and again. James was the one I was desperately waiting for. I love how he blends his stories to make them relatable to his audience. Thank you so much for having it available at the earliest for me to enjoy his story.
-Louella Brown

This book teaches you there are always two ways to look at your situation. The real talk begins when you start telling yourself if you can push harder to change your luck, or just give up. Great read.
-Joel Michaels

To keep it short – Fly Eagle Fly: The Story Of A Song is a book that gives you more ways to think about life and how one can improve it.
-Osmond Barnes

If you have reached a point in life where you need to change habits, mindset, perspective, and discipline and literally give yourself a second chance at life, then this is the best book for you. James Rogers is the real deal.
-Aisha Mendonca
Social Worker

Besides being an incredible artist, I now acknowledge James to be a brilliant author. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences. This is the way autobiographies need to be structured.
-Harry Mills
HR Manager

The Story of a Song Fly Eagle Fly by James Rogers is an excellent book that you will find totally compelling and a book that you will not want to put down. While reading this book you will travel down memory lane James travelled from a young man to the present time. Every scene reflects the efforts James needed to reach the end result being a fantastic song writer and an unbelievably talented entertainer. When you reach the end of this book you will be totally impressed how James uses his God given talent to unite everyone at a time where togetherness is a necessity. You will want to share this book with your friends and you will realize this book is a fantastic keepsake!
-Carolyn Shell

I’m not a Fort Oglethorpe native but I wasn’t here long before I was introduced to the “local legend” James Rogers and his musical talents.  His book takes you on his musical journey as he discovers his talent for writing and performing.  He brings to life his experiences, his disappointments and successes in the music business and his personal life.  His book inspires you, it makes you laugh, scares you at times and is a moving testimony to his success in music, his personal life and the famous, the infamous and the local people he’s interacted with over his fifty year career.  His book reinforces his love for North Georgia and how fortunate we are to have his music, to benefit from his philanthropy and to call him friend.
-Chris McKeever

The Story of a Song – Fly Eagle Fly” by James Rogers was such a fun book to read.  I am not a reader at all, but could not stop reading the honest stories and experiences that James told about his life, his career, and his determination to save the eagles.  I have always loved the song and now I know the history behind it.
-Mary Goodwin

I’m honored to have been asked to write a review of James Rogers’ latest literary accomplishment Fly Eagle Fly: The Story of a Song. I’ve known James since 1964 during our high school days. Our friendship is founded upon love and honesty. So honestly, this book is not just a book! It’s so much more. When I read it I felt like I was back at James’ mom and dad’s house and we were sitting at the supper table across from each other. He was telling me about all the things he wanted to do when he grew up. I can still smell fried chicken being served! It’s that kind of book, its personal and James’ opens up about all the events that led him to write Fly Eagle Fly. As I read about it, I could see it all happening. James’ relates his stories so personally that you find yourself in the situation too. James’ ability to personally connect with his audience is glue that makes it a joy to read. Just as he does from the concert stage, you’ll feel a part of it too.  So sit back in your favorite chair, kick off your shoes and prepare to have James tell how it all came about. Not to be cliche, but you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will love the homespun stories of this amazing entertainers’ personal stories of how the songs about God, Faith and Country came about. And if you’re outside someday and see an eagle soaring above, well, maybe you’ll sing “Fly Eagle Fly”. Happy Reading!
-Rick Haston